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week of August 20, 2019

Character Trait of the Month:  Responsibility

Do what you are supposed to do · Plan ahead · Think before you act · Be accountable for your words, actions and attitudes

Happy Belated Birthday!

June:  Veronica Ramirez, Anmaire Jones, Estela Ruiz, Zenaida Wiltse, Monica Everhart, Luisa Ojeda

July:  Liat Broome, Karina Diaz, Blanca Camara, Cecilia Bautista, Cindy Pineda

August:  Rose Haworth, Silvia Delgadillo


Happy Birthday!

08/24  Marina Castro

Monday Morning Assembly

Monday Morning Assembly Flag Salute (held on Thursday)-Mr. De Arcos

Next Week’s Monday Morning Assembly Flag Salute-Mr. Blowey


This Week

Monday, August 20

8:00 a.m.      Pupil Free Meeting @ 8:00 a.m.

1:00 p.m.      ETK Parent Information Meeting

On Campus:  Luquin, Bautista, Broome, Gabrielsen


Tuesday, August 21

7:50 a.m.      Report to Yard

8:30 a.m.      Kindergarten Parent Meeting

On Campus: Broome, Gabrielsen


Wednesday, August 22

8:30                Behavior Fair:  Grade K

9:10                Behavior Fair:  Grade 2, Alvarado, Miller

11:00             Behavior Fair:  Grade 1, Palacios


Thursday, August 23

7:55 a.m.      Morning Assembly

8:20                Behavior Presentation:  Grade 3

9:05                Behavior Presentation:  Grade 4

9:50                Behavior Presentation:  Grade 5, Gosalvez

On Campus:  Bautista, Broome, Gabrielsen, Gonzalez


Friday, August 24

8:20 a.m.      Earthquake & Fire Drill

On Campus: Luquin, Gabrielsen



Happy New School Year!
Welcome back everyone! As educators, we are fortunate to celebrate two new year’s, the first day of the school year and the first day of the calendar year.   I am excited and humbled to lead this wonderful and committed staff once again.  I look forward to working with you and for you for the both the academic and social success of all the Noble students as we lay the foundation so they are college and career ready. 

As always, an important focus during the first week of school is ensuring that students fully understand and follow classroom and school rules and procedures, and that they get the message that they will be held to high expectations.  Although teaching the routines takes a time, it’s important to make time to save time down the road.

Here’s to an amazing school year!


Welcome to the Newest Members of the Dolphin Family!

  • Abbie Ceja, Special Education Assistant Substitute for Sonia Turcios
  • Christina Gabrielsen, School Psychologist (M/T/Th/F)
  • Cristina Gonzalez, PSA FYAP Counselor (Th)
  • Jim Fiers, Substitute Teacher for Kristin Winchester
  • Jovy Gomez, (Teacher Assistant, processing)
  • Joy Bautista, School Nurse (M/Th)
  • Juan Raygoza (Campus Aide, PM)
  • Marifa Bautista (Campus Aide, AM)
  • Marilyn Midel, Library Aide (M-F)
  • Orlando Valdez, IT Support Tech (M-F, processing)
  • Ricky Alvarado, Teacher, Special Day Class
  • Sergio Luquin, Asst. Principal EIS (M/T/F)
  • Will Phillips, Playworks Site Coordinator


Farewell!  Best wishes and good health in your future endeavors!  You will always be part of the Noble family!

  • Ernesto Ortiz, IT Support Tech
  • Fred Saucedo, Teacher Assistant
  • Naytzari Prudencio, Library Aide


Pupil-Free Day – Monday, August 19

Our Staff Meeting in the Auditorium will begin promptly at 8:00. Breakfast will be available beginning at 7:30, so please come early to be ready by 8:00.


After School Dismissal

If a student in grades 1st-5th has a kindergarten sibling, they can walk over to the kindergarten yard if and only if the parent has notified you ahead of time.



Click here for the Pupil Free Agenda.

Click here for Tuesday’s Professional Development Agenda. 


Behavior Fair and Assembly

We will have a Behavior Fair for Grades TK-2 on Wednesday, August 21st.  Classes will visit different stations to learn about the 3 B’s (Be Safe, Be Respectful and Be Responsible.)  As for Grades 3-5, a member of the Leadership Team will visit your classroom to review our 3 B’s on Thursday, August 22nd.  A separate memo to follow. 


Child Abuse Awareness Training Certification – Due September 20th
All employees are required to complete this annual online training through MyPLN. Please print out your certificate, sign it, and provide me with the original copy by the due date.


L.A.’s BEST Room Assignments for 2019-2020

Click here for room assignments.    


Required Monthly Emergency Drills

Our first emergency drills will be on Friday, August 23rd at 8:20 a.m.  We will practice the following two drills:

-Earthquake (Drop/Cover/Hold On) Drill. 

All classes will drop/cover/ hold for one minute.  An all call will initiate the drill. The fire alarm bell will conclude this drill and commence the fire drill (see below).

-Fire Drill

All classes evacuate to Emergency Reunion Area.


Please remind students that we practice these drills in the event of a true emergency.  Also, that they must be very quiet so we can work together to hear if there is anyone asking for help.  Everyone should have an emergency backpack in their classroom.  During fire drills, you will be turning in a drill form, which are in your backpacks.  If you don’t have a backpack, let Mr. De La Torre know.




All textbooks were delivered to classes except for Special Education classes as we didn’t have an accurate count of students and their corresponding grade levels.  Your materials will be delivered on Monday.