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Newsletter for the Week of September 19, 2022
Posted 9/18/22

Character Trait of the Month for August and September:  Responsibility

Do what you are supposed to do · Plan ahead · Think before you act · Be accountable for your words, actions and attitudes


Happy Birthday!



Monday Morning Assembly

This Week’s Monday Morning Assembly Flag Salute-Ms. Baksh

Next Week’s Monday Morning Assembly Flag Salute (held on Tuesday)-Ms. Diaz


This Week

Monday, September 19

At Noble:      Broome, McNamara, V. Cornejo

9:00                Noble Bunch Meeting in Room 15


Tuesday, September 20

At Noble:      de Falco

AM                 Monterrosa to Meeting

1:40-2:40      Professional Development

1:40                Classified Meeting to elect School Site Council Member (Room 5)

2:40-3:15      Faculty Meeting

3:15-3:45      Voluntary Meeting for Teachers Being Evaluated


Wednesday, September 21

At Noble:      Boskenbaum, Broome, Ewart

AM                 Grade 4 Half Day Grade Level Meeting in Room 15

PM                  Grade 5 Half Day Grade Level Meeting in Room 15


Thursday, September 22

At Noble:      Broome, Ewart

Due                Progress Monitoring of Lowest Red Deficit Measure:  Form 2


Friday, September 23

At Noble:      Ewart

AM                 Leon and Zamora to Meeting


Welcome to the Noble Family!

Karine Nikoghosyan who will be our full time School Nurse.


Chocolate Sale Fundraiser

Our World’s Finest Chocolate Fundraiser begins on Monday, September 19th and will end on Friday, September 30th.   Please remind students that in order to sell chocolate bars, students need to return the permission slip.



Playworks will be on campus the following weeks:

September 19, October 17, November 14, January 9, February 6, March 6, April 10 and May 8.  Due to changes in their programming, they will only be working with 10 classes.  I have chosen grades 2 and 3.  A schedule is forthcoming.  When not working with these grades, they will be supporting recess and lunch recess. 


Rescheduling of I Love Noble

I Love Noble will be rescheduled to another date so everyone can enjoy a three-day weekend.  Date to be determined. 



Click here for Tuesday’s Banked Tuesday agenda. 

Click here for Tuesday’s Faculty Meeting agenda.