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Newsletter for the Week of November 14, 2022
Posted 11/12/22

Character Trait of the Months of November and December Month:  Trustworthiness

Be honest · Don’t deceive, cheat or steal · Be reliable-do what you say you’ll do · Have the courage to do the right thing · Build a good reputation · Be loyal-stand by your family, friends and country


Happy Birthday!

11/18  Juanita Valdez


Monday Morning Assembly

This Week’s Monday Morning Assembly Flag Salute-Ms. de Carteret

Next Week’s Monday Morning Assembly Flag Salute-Mrs. Cornejo


This Week

Monday, November 14

At Noble:      Broome, McNamara

8:15-9:15      Playworks Meets with School Supervision Aides in Room 5

9:15                Noble Bunch Meeting in Room 15


Tuesday, November 15

At Noble:      de Falco

All Day           Paniagua to Meeting

8:15                Parent Workshop:  Family Stories

1:10                Emergency Practice Drills

1:40-2:40      Good News Club in room 21

1:40-2:40      Professional Development

6:00 PM        Late Night Parent Conferences Ends


Wednesday, November 16

At Noble:      Boksenbaum, Broome

All Day           Leon to Principal’s Meeting

All Day           Haworth to Meeting

All Day           Minimum Day Dismissal at 12:43 PM

8:15                Parent Workshop:  The Language of Love and Discipline


Thursday, November 17

At Noble:      Broome

All Day           Minimum Day Dismissal at 12:43 PM

8:15                Parent Workshop:  Fentanyl and the Overdose Crisis


Friday, November 18

At Noble:      Broome

All Day           Zamora to Meeting

All Day           Minimum Day Dismissal at 12:43 PM


DIBELS Progress Monitoring

Progress Monitoring of our students with a red composite score must be done every two weeks in their lowest deficit measure and once every four weeks for students with a yellow composite score.  I am also asking that students with a red score in a measure even if their composite was yellow, green or blue also be progress monitored.  Our fifth round of Schoolwide Progress Monitoring is Thursday, November 17 using form 6.  Progress Monitoring Materials can be found in our Schoologoy Group under Literacy Academies. 


Outside Bulletin Board 

The deadline to post student work is Friday, November 18.  Click here for the schedule.  See Zoby for the bulletin board display key. 


Parent Conferences

During Parent Conferences the Parent Center will be open until 3:30 PM to support parents with completing the School Experience Survey, registering for a Parent Portal account and/or request a Chromebook. 


School Experience Survey-Deadline, December 9, 2022

The School Experience Survey is an annual survey administered to all LAUSD schools. Survey results give each school important insight into what staff, students and parents think about their school's learning environment.  Click here if you’d like to view last year’s results. 


All staff is asked to take the survey.  Time will be given to all staff to complete the survey on:

Tuesday, November 29th.  The link is available on the Noble website under Quick Links.  


Students in grades 4-5 must also complete the survey.  Click here to access the student survey in English or Spanish.  The last day to complete the student survey is December 2nd.  Student links for the survey will be available on the Noble website under Student Links. 


Please see Mr. De La Torre if you have any questions. 



Click here for Tuesday’s Banked Tuesday agenda.